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Snowballs existed for decades. The first snowballs were made by chiseling blocks of ice with a scrapper. The chiseled ice was placed into a cup and topped with whatever satisfying sweetener was convenient, commonly egg custard.

Then in 1932, in New Orleans, LA (Baltimore “claims” otherwise) the first electronic chiseler was made to streamline the process of making snowballs. Soon after, New Orleans became a mecca of mom and pop snowballs businesses. Snowball stand operators used the new treat to supplement incomes, but more so create an inexpensive treat families could enjoy together. The 30’s were the years of the Great Depression so inexpensive family pleasures became valuable in more ways than one.

Ever since, New Orleans a city known for its simple pleasures, looked to snowballs as a family fuse. No matter what problems occurred, everyone smiled and stopped to enjoy their snow-rific frozen treat, now provided to you as Orleagian Snowballs.

Orleagian Snowballs are back! We spotted you guys last night and are drooling awaiting the reopening! - Rachel S., Atlanta