Ponce de Leon Location CLOSED indefinitely       Operating Season: April – September 30.       Orleagian Events:Still Available   Book our signature green kiosk for your special events;  March - November!  

Are you all returning to New Orleans?
Right now we feel we are acting as ambassadors for New Orleans by exposing those outside of it to our hospitality, simplistic outlook on life, our value for relationships and our culture. We will return home when the time is right.
What is the best flavor?
The best flavors is contingent on personal preference. Kenneth’s favorite is: Half Blackberry & Half Raspberry. Find the best flavor for you >>
Will you come out to my party? Can I hire you all for special events?
Yes, we do have a catering option. Contact us to learn more about Orleagian Snowballs catering.
What are your hours?
Seven days a week. Rain or shine.
11:00am – 8:00pm.
Do you need investors, how can I invest?
Our goal has been not to expand beyond our own means, but there are opportunities for strategic alliances that could be helpful in more ways than just money.
When are you coming to my area?
Please tell us where you are and where you would like us to be. We love invitations!
Are you open to fundraisers?
Yes. Please submit information explaining the benfactor, date of event and information on the organizer.

Fax: 770.507.1180
Email: info@orleagiansnowballs.com

How’s business these days?
Good, but it could always be a little better. We’re open to ideas and opportunities that could help us grow. Feel free to share your wisdom! Contact us today!
What’s the deal with the condensed milk?
Condensed milk has become a common topping on Orleagian Snowballs much like hot fudge or caramel on ice cream. Condensed milk is best on mellow flavors (i.e. nectar, ice cream and chocolate).

Happy Customers

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