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Orleagian Snowballs emerged as a result of New Orleans’ catastrophic hurricane Hurricane Katrina. The founder, Kenneth Woodfin, found himself along with his family in Lithonia, GA temporarily residing with relatives to dodge the disaster.

Who would have known that the aftermath of one of the nation’s worst natural disasters would result in a mini rebirth of New Orleans and its culture, except only this time it is outside of the Louisiana boundaries?

Orleagian Snowballs is a growing venture that takes pride in the smiles of people. On hot days of the summer in Atlanta, very similar to those in New Orleans, Orleagian Snowballers stand in sometimes lengthy lines patiently waiting for their snow treat.

These snowballers, often returning customers and other times newcomers, wait without a frown or complaint because they enjoy the fellowship, value the customer service, the nostalgia, the smile, and tasty treat they will get when it is their turn to stand at the window.

Now everyone can experience a piece of New Orleans by way of Orleagian Snowballs: A Taste of New Orleans for the Pleasure of Georgians.

Founder, Kenneth Woodfin

The Orleagian Philosophy:

Building close bonds do not require much, just the ones you love, sharing something you all enjoy together.


Reintroduce "Quality Time" by providing a cooling treat that families and friends can enjoy together.